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The following books have been published on Clifton Rugby Club or their players or have had contributions from Clifton players. These books aren't for sale by myself or the club. If you were to find a copy then the prices quoted are what you would be expected to pay.

"Rugby Football " by Harry Vassall & Arthur Budd. The All England Series, published by George Bell and Sons. A mainly instructional book with additional chapters on professionalism, refereeing & the Northern Union. 78 pages. 1st Edition published 1889, 2nd Edition 1898. Cost approx £800

Arthur Budd played for Clifton from 1872 - 1876. He went on to become President of the RFU. He contributed the chapters on Professionalism, Refereeing, and the Northern Union.

"FOOTBALL - THE RUGBY UNION GAME" - Rev F Marshall (Editor) - with special chapters by A.G.Guillemard, G.Rowland Hill, H.Vassall, Arthur Budd, H.H.Almon, C.J.B.Marriott and W.Cail, etc. etc. - published by Cassell and Company Ltd. This is the classic 19th century history and the earliest published complete history of the game. Published in three editions, 1892, 1894 & 1925 the early chapters include a history of the origin of the game. It includes the various games played at the public schools of Rugby, Eton, Harrow, Winchester and the Scottish Schools. Histories of the the formation of the English, Scottish, Irish & Welsh Unions appear in various chapters throughout the book as well as lengthy chapters of rugby at Oxbridge. Other important chapters include overseas tours, international matches & players. Published in three editions 1892, 1894 & 1925.

"Football - The Rugby Union Game" by Rev F Marshall (Editor) - First Edition - published 1892 - 515 pages

"Football - The Rugby Union Game" by Rev F Marshall (Editor) - Revised and updated edition - published 1894 - 564 pages. - This is the rarer of the two early printings of this classic history. Contains all the information of the 1892 edition and additional information has been added including reviews of the 1892/3 & 1893/4 seasons. Price about £175

"Football - The Rugby Union Game" by the late Rev F Marshall (Editor) & Leonard Tosswill - Revised and updated edition - published 1925 - 399 pages Condensed version of the 1894 edition, updated to include 1924 All Blacks tour etc. Price about £75

Chapters written by Arthur Budd

Chapter IX - Past development in rugby football and the future of the game.

Chapter XI - International matches and players 1871-1881

Arthur Budd played for Clifton from 1872 - 1876. He went on to become President of the RFU. There have been many severe criticisms about these books. In fact there is a web page with refutations on this book at

Photographs of Corston Lodge 1894. Pictures of Bartelt family. Include a 7 year old Friedrich Wilhem Bartelt who died in WW1 and is one of the players names on the War Memorial..

Photographs taken by F.Holmes, 81 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol. A limited edition for the family. This copy originally owned by Friedrich's uncle.

Rugby Football - B. Fletcher Robinson. Published 1896.

Many references to Robinsons friend, and ex Clifton player, Arthur Budd, and Clifton College. Robinson was more famous for collaborating with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on The Hound of the Baskervilles. He was also editor of the Daily Express and Vanity Fair.

Not officially a book until 1997, in a limited edition of 250 but original set given out with a National Newspaper in 1896. Some sets of original version exist and cost about £600. The 1997 version was published by Yore Publications. ISBN 1 874427 42 9. cost about £50

This book includes ex Clifton players C.A.Hooper and E.Field. A picture of the Western Counties side includes Clifton Captains W.J.Lias and W.H.Birch as well as a photo and profile of Birch.

"Football" by A Budd, CB Fry, BF Robinson & T Cook. The Suffolk Sporting Series, published by Lawrence & Bullen. - A historical & instructional book covering both Rugby and Association Football, includes a section on the Northern Union. 95 pages. 1st Edition 1897. Approx cost £750

Arthur Budd played for Clifton from 1872 - 1876. He went on to become President of the RFU.

The Future of Rugby by W.J.Lias - an article from the 1897 annual edition of the Badminton magazine.

Written by Clifton RFC Captain (1893-96) William John Lias. The Badminton Magazine was a prestigious sporting magazine popular amongst the upper classes in England in the 1800s. Written by the gentlemen sportsmen of their day and read by, amongst others, the landed gentry, it contained articles submitted by its many correspondents from all around the world on a bewildering number of topics, ranging from polo and golf to exotic safaris in far off imperial provinces. This particular article talks about the merits of Amateurism over Professionals as well as condemnation of the newly formed IRB and Welsh Rugby.

The Rontgen rays in Medical Work, by David Walsh. 316 p. illus., plates. 21.8 cm. 1897

David Henry Walsh, was a pioneer British radiologist. He wrote one of the first texts on x-rays. He was the first to experiment with bismuth to obtain an x-ray of the gastro-intestinal tract. This book cited one of the earliest successful attempts to localise a bullet in the skull. The patient accidentally shot himself in 1891, and after a remarkable recovery, was the subject of a British Medical Journal article by Dr. Blake Smith of Aberdeen in 1892. The bullet was never found, and when X-rays were discovered, the patient requested a search for the bullet. X-rays were discovered on 8 Nov 1895, by Professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, of the Institute of Physics of the University of Wurzburg, Bavaria. Walsh was a founder member of the Röntgen Society.

David Walsh was also a signatory for the meeting that founded Clifton RFC. He was also the first club vice-captain.

W.G. Cricketing Reminisces & Personal Recollections - W.G.Grace. First published in 1899 when Grace last played for England. Reprinted in 1980 by The Hambledon Press.

The book includes many stories about Gloucestershire Cricketers that played for Clifton RFC particularly Graces best friend James Arthur Bush or Frizzy as Grace affectionately nicknamed him. James Bush was W.G's best man at his wedding on the 9th October 1873. Any history book on Gloucestershire County Cricket Club will have a lot on ex Clifton RFC players.

Clifton College - Twenty Five Years Ago 1879-1904. The Diary of a Fag. Published by F.E.Robinson 1904.

Many references to Clifton players and matches.

Clifton Rugby Football Club - A Few... Snapshots 1906-07. Published by Bristol Times and Mirror Ltd. A player by player profile.

Clifton RFC 1907-08 Review of Season

Club publication 1907.

"History of Clifton Rugby Football Club 1872-1909" - by Frank C Hawkins. Published in 1909 by J.W.Arrowsmith. There is a copy in Bristol Central Reference Library. Very rare as only 200 copies were ever printed. You wouldn't get much change out of £1,000 for a copy in good condition

Clifton College Register 1862-1912 - edited by F.Borwick. Published in 1912 by J.W.Arrowsmith Ltd. All the Clifton College Registers have details about Clifton RFC players but this one is particularly important as it was edited by Clifton RFC player Frank Borwick. Other Clifton RFC players W.O.Moberly updated the Games section and Harry Clissold the School Organisation and Institutions chapter.

Fifty Years of Sport at Oxford, Cambridge and the Great Public Schools - The Right Honorable Lord Desborough of Taplow, Edited by A.C.M.Croome. London, Walter Southwood & Co. 1913.

On pages 19-65 of Vol. 2 a history of rugby at Oxford and Cambridge University. The Oxford parts written by Clifton's William Octavius Moberly. Photos of virtually every Varsity side up to 1912. Biographies on the Clifton players, Moberly, Fairbanks, Cox, Bevan, Budworth, Hooper, Field, Eberle, Wordsworth, Hoskin, and Gardner.

Recorded in the Bristol Evening News on May 22nd 1915 is details of a film called "Bristol's Own". "Mr Sumpter of the Bedminster Hippodrome Cinema secured a fine film of "Bristol's Own" (Gloucester 12th Battalion, W.W.Parr, Morton Leonard, W.J.Haggart) on the Downs this morning. It will be shown in the Hall tonight. All the men and officers are recognisable."

Above the Bedminster Hippodrome, East Street in 1911. Opened by Walter de Freece in July 1911. It became a cinema in May 1915 and in March 1918 was renamed the Stoll Picture House, one of five cinemas in the Bedminster area by 1919.

CLIFTON RFC - "Fifty Years with the Clifton Rugby Football Club" - by Frank C Hawkins and E Seymour Bell. Published in 1922. This is an extended version of the 1909 "History of Clifton Rugby Football Club 1872-1909". There is a copy in Bristol Central Reference Library. Occasionally you may find one to buy. Price about £165

Above E. Seymour-Bell who helped extend Frank C. Hawkins original book. He played for Clifton from 1919 and became Honorary Secretary the following year. He helped reform the club after the 1st World War after such a devastating loss of players. Frank Hawkins was involved in this book but as he put it "Most of the additional pages are his. The reference's to E. S.-B. are mine".

Colston's School and The Great War 1914-1918 - Compiled by H.Messenger. Bristol, W. Bennett, 1923

Includes Clifton RFC player George Carr Watson who died in World War 1.

Collins Schoolboys Annual 1925 - London & Glasgow Collins Clear-Type Press.

Schoolboy Annual with a chapter each by Clifton players Gilbert Jessop and Bunny Chantrill.

The Story of the 2/5th Gloucestershire Regiment 1914-18. Published by the Crypt House Press in 1930.

Includes Clifton player Gilbert Charles Beloe who died in 1917.

Football Records of Rugby School 1823-1929. Published by George Over (Rugby) Limited in 1930.

Mentions Hiatt Cowles Baker, William Octavius Moberly and the Dakyns family. Photo of Edmund Judkin Taylor in the 1871 Rugby School XX.

The Epic of Lofoten - Dr. G. Miles. Published by Hutchinson & Co. 1941

The story of the Lofoten Commando Raid on 1st March 1941 which involved Clifton's Johhny Giles.

Fifty Years in Every Street - The Story of Manchester University Settlement - Mary D. Stocks. Published by the University of Manchester in 1945.

Includes a brief account of Clifton RFC player Graeme Vassel Cox's time at the University Settlement in 1910.

Seventy Years of Somerset Rugby. Published by Hy Bryant & Sons 1945.

Several Clifton players included in this history 1875-1945

The History of the Rugby Football Union - O.L.Owen. Published for the Rugby Football Union by Playfair Books 1955.

The history of the RFU in which Cliftons Arthur Budd was President from 1888-1889

Rugby Football An Anthology - Compiled by Kenneth Pelmear in collaboration with J.E.Morpurgo with an introduction by G.L.Owen. Published in 1958 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd. Price about £15

In Part IX: Reflections on page 355 the late, great, Peter Dalton Young wrote

Storm From The Sea - Brigadier Peter Young, Corgi Books paperback. First published in 1958 by William Kimber & Co.

Details of Commando raids run by Brigadier Peter Young during World War 2. Chapter III covers the Vaagso Raid in Norway during which Clifton RFC player Johnny Giles was killed.

The Cunard Tradition - A Proud Heritage. Newcomen, 1960, by Edwin Seymour-Bell

Book on the Cunard Shipping Company by Edwin Seymour-Bell, Clifton RFC (1919-1920)

Edinburgh Wanderers Football Club 1868 - 1968.

Centenary brochure of the Scottish Rugby side with the Budd brothers, Edward Pocock and Vic Leadbetter.

The Vaagso Raid by Joseph H. Devins Jr. First published by Chilson in 1968. Republished by Bantam books in June 1983.ISBN 0-553-23310-6

The story of the raid in which Clifton RFC player Johhny Giles was killed.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY - "Centenary History 1869 - 1969" by Ross McWhirter (Trinity) and Sir Andrew Noble (Balliol). Price about £40. A superb book with a biography on every Oxford blue and international including 11 from Clifton RFC. Perhaps the most famous being William Octavius Moberly who helped form the rugby club at Oxford University and was their first captain.

Goldney - A House and a Family. P.K.Stembridge. 1st Edition 1969

A history of the Goldney family and house. Clifton captain, Ellison Eberle owned and lived at Goldney House from 1932 to 1956

Bristol by T.H.B.Burrough. November Books 1970. SBN 289.79804.3

An Architectural guide to Bristol by the 1930s Clifton RFC player and architect Tom Burrough. He went into partnership with Francis Hannam in 1946. The company is now called Arturus and is based on Richmond Hill in Clifton.

Thomas Hedley Bruce Burrough wrote several other books including: An Approach to Planning in 1953, South German Baroque in 1956 and The Work of National Architects in the Bristol area - Vol 91 Transactions of the Bristol & Glos Archaelogical Society in 1972. He married the artist Helen Burrough.

Hutt (H) Ed. CLIFTON RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1872 TO 1972. Illusts, 116pp, original cloth. Numbered Limited Edition. Bristol. 1972. There is a copy in Bristol Central Reference Library. Occasionally you may find one to buy. Price about £20

There is a video called "Alive and Kicking" which was made to commemorate the centenary of Clifton RFC in 1972. It was shown on the BBC.

History of the 16th Light Cavalry (Armoured Corps) - C.L.Proudfoot. Hooghly Print. Co (1976)

This book includes details of C.A.Rennie's missions in World War II and his death.

The Pioneers of Mashonaland - Adrian Darter. Books of Rhodesia reprint 1977. 1st edition 1914. ISBN 0 86920 161 1

The story the Pioneer Column that arrived at Fort Salisbury on 12th September 1890. The column included ex Clifton RFC player and Scotland International Trooper Edward Pocock, No. 113, C Troop .

The Centenary History of Gloucestershire Rugby Football Union (1878-1978) - Horace Hutt 1978

Includes many Clifton players.

Commandos and Rangers of World War II - James Ladd. 1978. ISBN 0-312-15167-5

A chapter on the Vaagso Commando Raid on 27th December 1941 with details of the death of Clifton player Johnny Giles.

Fields of Praise. Official History of the Welsh Rugby Union 1881-1981 - David Smith and Gareth Williams. Published by University of Wales Press. 1981.

An amazing piece of work that includes Cliftons, James Alfred Bevan, Wales first captain.

Cricket's Rich Heritage. A History of Rhodesian and Zimbabwean Cricket 1890 - 1982. Jonty Winch 1983. Published by Books of Zimbabwe Publishing Co. (PVT) LTD.

First chapter mentions Edward Innes Pocock playing in a cricket match at Mafeking on 15th May 1890 and the first cricket match in Rhodesia played on 16th August 1890.

The Bowring Story of the Varsity Match - David Frost. A Queen Anne Press Book 1988. ISBN 0-356-12006-6

The story of the annual Oxford v Cambridge rugby match which has featured many Clifton players.

Letters to a Tutor: The Tennyson Family Letters to Henry Graham Dakyns (1861-1911) - Edited by Robert Peters. Scarecrow Press 1988. ISBN 0-8108-2103-6.

Leters from the Tennyson family to Henry Graham Dakyns. In a way Clifton Rugby Club can go back to one man, Henry Graham Dakyns. The masters and pupils of Clifton College founded Clifton Club in 1872 and in 1862 Henry Graham Dakyns started Rugby at Clifton College. He never did play rugby for Clifton.

A Man Deep in Mendip - The Caving Diaries of Harry Savory 1910-1920, Edited by John Savory. Alan Sutton Publishing. First Published 1989.

Harry Savory played for Clifton from 1908-1920. He is in several of the Clifton 1st XV photos of this period. Savory's Hole in the Mendips is named after him. His son edited the book from his diaries and family photographs. For some reason, in the book, his son says that his favorite sports were rowing and rifle shooting and no mention is made of rugby.

My Sapper Venture - V.F.Eberle. Pitman Publishing 1973. ISBN 0273 31745 8

Victor Fuller-Eberle played rugby for Clifton from 1905. He was captain from 1911-13 and had a trial for England in 1907. He also played rugby for Oxford University (although not a blue) and Gloucestershire. He also played Tennis and Hockey for Gloucestershire. This book is an account of Eberles exploits during WW1. A very difficult book to find. Why it wasn't published until 1973 I don't know.

Early Days - Journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society. Volume 8, Part 6 - 1982

Chapter by C.W.M.Cameron on the Gascoyne Explorer and Pastoralist Robert Edwin Bush. He also played rugby for Clifton from 1873 as well as cricket for Gloucestershire. He was the brother of Clifton and England rugby international James Arthur Bush.

Sides & Squares - Clifton Cricket Club 1819-1983. Edited by J.F.Burrell. Triangle Press 1983.

A history of the oldest Cricket Club in Bristol that has included so many Clifton Rugby Players.

Old Tom and Young John - John Rickman. Published in 1990 by Allborough Press ISBN: 1-85571-001-3.

The autobiography of the Clifton RFC reporter and occasional player who went on to be the most famous Horse Racing Commentator on ITV's World of Sport. Some of the early chapters reminisce about his days in Bristol working for the Bristol Evening World and playing for Clifton RFC.

Fedden - the life of Sir Roy Fedden - Bill Gunston. Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Historical Series No.26, 1991.

The life of Clifton RFC player Roy Feddon (1886-1973)

Winning The Gascoyne - Rhonda McDonald. Hesperian Press, Carlisle, Western Australia 1991.

A story of how the Gascoyne area of Western Australia was populated. Bidgemia Station (pages 4-16) tell how Clifton RFC player Robert Edwin Bush made his fortune in Australia. He renamed large parts of his estate Upper Clifton Down and Lower Clifton Down.

A Season's Fame - Derek Winterbottom. Bristol Branch of the Historical Association of the University of Bristol 1991. ISBN 0 901388 60 2

The story of A.E.J.Collins.

Bristol and Clifton Golf Club 1891-1991

Founders included the Clifton Rugby players Moberly, Taylor and Fairbanks.

A Photographic History of Somerset C. C. C. 1891-1991

Includes Frederick Cecil Banes-Walker who died in World War 1.

Forerunner of the All Blacks - Greg Ryan. Canterbury University Press 1993. ISBN 0-908812-30-2

An account of the tour that involved a match against Gloucestershire with Clifton's Hiatt Cowles Baker and Edward Leonard. click here

Rugby for Three-quarters with Richard Hill - Richard Hill, Peter Johnson. Publisher: A & C Black ISBN: 071363782X - October 28, 1993. Paperback £45

This coaching book is designed to generate original insights into the technical demands and strategies of rugby three-quarter play. It is divided into three sections. Part 1 contains the theory and basic principles that coaches need to know. There is information on positional requirements, tactical ploys, organizing defence and counter-attacks. Parts 2 and 3 provide coaches with dozens of exercises and drills, for both the individual and the unit, with which to liven up practice sessions and make them more beneficial. Each drill draws out and seeks to enhance the deployment of the theoretical principles detailed in Part 1. Richard Hill was an integral member of Grand Slam and World Cup teams of 1991 and has captained both England and Bath RFC. He is now head coach at Bristol. Peter Johnson was captain of Clifton RFC and has played for Gloucestershire. He is now head of the Bristol Shoguns Academy.

Rugby Lesson Plans for Three-quarters with Jonathan Webb - Peter Johnson, Jonathan Webb. Publisher: A & C Black ISBN: 0713640413 - October 27, 1994. Paperback £6.99

This text deals with the logistics of coaching drills and exercises geared to the backs. It gives information on how and what to coach, and how to deal with problems by their isolation and gradual correction through carefully tailored drills. It includes coaching guidance and lesson plans. Jonathan Webb - ex Bristol, Bath and England. Peter Johnson was captain of Clifton RFC and has played for Gloucestershire. He is now head of the Bristol Shoguns Academy.

A.G.Neale - A 'Tiny' Glimpse by Ken Coughlin. Publisher: Oxford Instant Printing Service. ISBN 1 899202 01 3 -1994. A book about the 1930s Clifton RFC player Aubrey George 'Tiny' Neale.

Gloucestershire Wicketkeepers - Andy Wilson. A short limited edition published by Richard Walsh Books in 1998. Andy Wilson (real name Arthur Edward Wilson) was Gloucestershire Wicket-keeper from 1936-1955. One of the great Gloucestershire sides captained by Wally Hammond.

This book includes 2 Clifton RFC players who have kept wicket for Gloucestershire, James Arther Bush and Edward Turk Benson.

Rugby Union Technique Tactics Training. ISBN/ Catalogue No: - 1861260288. Author: - Johnson, Peter. Published in 1997 by The Crowood Press. List price £9.99

Featured in this book are: Star Tips, Kit Checks, Rules Checks and Key Points. Photographs of top players in action. Skills and techniques at every leve.l Sequence photographs and detailed diagrams in colour. Introduction to rules and equipment.

Peter Johnson has had many years' rugby union experience and has played for England Schools, gained county and divisional honours, and captained Clifton RFC. He is a Senior Member of the National Association of Sports Coaches, a Rugby Football Union Senior Coach and has coached three National League clubs as well as the Divisional Under 21 s. He is now head of the Bristol Shoguns Academy.

Rugby's Great Split - Tony Collins. Routledge 1998.

Many reference's to Arthur Budd's involvement in the split between the rugby codes.

The Club - The Life and Times of Blackheath FC. Dave Hammond 1999 . ISBN 0 9536465 0 5

Includes ex Clifton player Arthur Budd.

Stormforce - David Chaffe. Stormforce Publications, St. Ives, Cornwall. First Published 1999. ISBN 9534676 0-0

The book is the story of Storm, an abandoned otter cub rescued by a postman from an Exmoor lane and passed to wildlife expert David Chaffe for rearing and then released into the wild.
David Chaffe played for Clifton in the 1960s and took part in the 1967 tour of the USA. He has a new book out in 2007, Face To Face with Nature about his recollections of his experiences with wild creatures over the last fifty years.

The First Wallabies - Peter Sharpham. Sandstone Publishing 2000. ISBN 1 86505 142 X.

Included in the tour was a match v Gloucestershire click here and v Bristol/Clifton click here

Chickens on the Lawn: From the Bristol Blitz to Cornwall and Back Again - John Budd. Redcliffe Press 2002. ISBN: 1900178346

John Budd played for Clifton in the 1960s. This is a book about his childhood.

100 Great - Gloucestershire County Cricket Club - Andrew Hignell and Adrian Thomas. Tempus Publishing Limited 2002. ISBN 0 7524 2416 5

Features the 5 Clifton RFC players - James Arthur Bush, William Octavius Moberly, James Cranston, Gilbert Laird Jessop and Brian Christopher Board.

The Priceless Gift - 125 Years of Welsh Rugby Captains - Steve Lewis. Mainstream Publishing 2005. ISBN 1 84018 954 1

A book that starts with Clifton RFC's James Alfred Bevan and includes details about all the 122 Welsh Captains that have led their country in 125 years. Out of these 122 a remarkably high 41, including Bevan, only captained Wales once. This despite 17 leading winning teams. Wales has had more International Captains than anyone else.

Gallantry Awards to the Gloucestershire Regiment 1914-1918 - Peter R. Littlewood MBS. Published by Spink 2005

There are regimental photos of Clifton players Fry, Yalland, Phippen, Titley and James.

Henbury Dynasties - Marguerite Tonkin. Redcliffe Press Ltd. 2005. ISBN 1 904537 32 4.

Includes section on Way family. Hiatt Cowles Baker married Abigail Way and is on the front cover with the Way family

Gloucestershire and North Bristol Soldiers On The Somme - Nick Thorncroft. Tempus 2007. ISBN 978 07524 4325 6

Includes and account of the death of E.H.A.Goss. Joined Clifton RFC 1896 but missed off the memorial.

War Memorial Park - Trevor Harkin. War Memorial Park Publications 2007. ISBN: 978-184426-448-3

A history of the War Memorial Park, Coventry. Clifton player Captain Alan Caldicott included.

From Greenland's Icy Shore. Admiral Sir James Fuller Ebele. Roundtruit Publishing 2007

The history of the Fuller Eberle's by the grandson of one of the founders of Clifton Rugby Club and the son of Victor Fuller Eberle, Clifton captain in 1911-13. Nephew of Clifton players George Fuller Eberle and Ellison Fuller Eberle.

Evening Post - Bristol Times 13th April 2009

Brief history on back page written by Patrick Casey and Gareth Hodgkinson.

Published on 1st November 2009

Publisher: MX Publishing ISBN 9781904312758 Buy on Amazon