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Charles James Gardner


Charles James Gardner joined Clifton in 1907/08. He was born on 7th December 1883. Died on 3rd July 1963. He also appeared in the 1905 and 1906 varsity matches. Educated at St.Andrew's College, Grahamstown. He was one of the first Rhodes Scholars. He became a lawyer in 1907. He was a Lieutenant (Acting Captain) and Adjutant, R.F.A. He served in France in 1917; in Italy in 1917-19. M.C. on 3rd June 1919 and mentioned in despatches from Italy in 1919. He became a K.C. in 1927. He was an acting judge in 1940. Liaison Officer 1941-44. Judge Advocate U.D.F. and Member of Courts Martial; Lieutenant-Colonel from 1944. Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, Eastern District Local Division. Judge President Local District Supreme Court 1949-53.

Above Charles James Gardner from the 1901 St. Andrew's College rugby team.

Above the St. Andrews College Rugby XV of 1902 with Charles Gardner seated 2nd left next to headmaster Dr Macgowan. Standing behind him 2nd left Worthington Wynn Hoskin.

Above the Lower Field at St Andrews College, Grahamstown, South Africa in 1898 where Hoskin, Gardner and Cronje learnt their rugby. This is still the colleges main rugby ground.

Above formal photograph Gardner.

On 7th November 1905 Garner and Hoskin played for Oxford University against New Zealand

Oxford Unversity New Zealand
D.B. Davies (Jesus) G.A. Gilbert
A.A. Lawrie (Trinity) E.E. Booth
A.E. Wood (Unversity) W.J. Wallace
L. Parker (Christ Church) D. McGregor
A.M.P. Lyle (Christ Church) (captain) J. Hunter
P. Munn (Christ Church) H.J. Mynott
H.C. Jackson (Exeter) F. Roberts
W.W. Hoskin (Trinity) S.T. Casey
R.S. Wix (Brasenose) G.A. Tyler
C.J. Gardner (Trinity) F. Newton
H.A. Hodges (Trinity) G.W. Nicholson
N.R.F.G. Howe-Browne (Oriel) W. Johnston
N.T. White (Trinity) F.T. Glasgow
A.A. Hoadley (Keble) J. Corbett
G.D. Roberts (St. John's) D. Gallagher (Captain)

The All Blacks won 47-0 with tries by Hunter (5), Booth (2), Wallace (2), Glasgow, Johnston, McGregor, Roberts and Conversions by Wallace (3) and Tyler.

Back Row (L-R): H.A.Hodges, A.A.Hoadley, I.Parker, J.V.Nesbit, N.F.Howe-Brown, C.J.Gardner. Sitting: A.A.Lawrie, W.W.Hoskin, B.Cozens-Hardy, P.Munro, A.M.P.Lyle, R.S.Wix, D.Davies. On Ground: N.W.Milton, N.T.White.

Above 1905 Oxford University XV with Charles Gardner and Worthington Wynn Hoskin.

Above drawing of the 1905 Varsity match which featured 2 Clifton players on the Oxford side, Charles James Gardner and Worthington Wynn Hoskin both South Africans.

Back Row: J.L. Waggett, R.C. Wingfield, H.V. Hunt, V.F. Eberle. Middle Row: D.T. Monteath, F.E. Steinth, N. Thirkel-White, W.W. Hoskin, H.A. Hodges. Seated: C.J. Gardner, H.E.Latham, B. Cozens-Hardy, R.M. Oliphant. On Ground: W.K. Flemmer, R.M. Chadwick, R.H. Williamson, T. Entwistle

Above 1906-1907 Trinity College, Oxford Rugby XV. This team include 4 Rhodes Scholars from St. Andrews College, Hoskin, Gardner, Flemmer and Williamson as well as Clifton's Victor Fuller-Eberle. Hoskin and Gardner had already started playing for Clifton the season before.

Above the Oxford University and South Africa sides that played in 1906. Clifton's Worthington Wynn Hoskin and Charles Gardner labeled WWH and CJH respectively. This was the first Springbok side to tour England, captained by Paul Roos. The Oxford University side included 7 South Africans.

Ticket from the 1906 Oxford University v South Africa match.

Back Row (L-R): T.B.Batchelor, H.H.Vassall, F.E.Steinthal, N.F.Howe-Brown, A.A.Hoadley, N.T.White. Sitting: N.W.Milton, D.Davies, W.W.Hoskin, B.Cozens-Hardy, R.S.Wix, H.A.Hodges, C.J.Gardner. On Ground: R.H.Williamson, W.K.Flemmer.

Above 1906 Oxford University XV with Charles Gardner and Worthington Wynn Hoskin.

Above Judge Charles Gardner

Above Charles Gardner and his wife at a farewell party on his retirement at Port Elizabeth.

Above Charles Gardner

Above Charles Gardner

Charles Gardner died on the 3rd July 1963 in Grahamstown, South Africa