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Standing (L-R): R.J.Bradford, D.F.Saunders, R.A.M.Whyte, S.Richards, M.Wallington, J.G.S.Young, M.McClaren, J.Parrott, T.Garrett. Sitting: M.Skelton, G.Jones (Vice Captain), Col. G.S.Castle (President), M.J.Moss (Captain), R.Blake. On Ground: W.Painter, I.French, A.Lewis.

Above photograph of the 1960-61 Clifton XV with future England Hooker Steve Richards. He had just started at Oxford University.


Above programme cover and teamsheet from the Clifton v Milan match played on 21st September 1961. This was ex England forward Vic Leadbetters first season playing for Clifton. Also playing for Clifton was David Mills (Cornwall) and R.Whyte (Glos). Milan won 13-11.

Above left fixture list from the back of the Clifton v Milan programme. Above right Milan Pendant.

Above ticket for the Clifton v Milan match played on 21st September 1961.

Above the Clifton and Milan sides lineup before the match

The Headmaster of Clifton College, Nicholas Hammond, holding the commemorative plaque in 1962 at approximately the spot where the wicket stood in 1899 where ex Clifton RFC player A.E.J.Collins made cricketing history. Ex Clifton RFC captain Victor Fuller Eberle is sitting on the far right of the picture. Victor Fuller Eberle was, at the time, one of the few survivors of the match in which Collins made 628. He played on the opposing side and made 8 and 15. It was Eberle who made the final catch of the match to prevent Collins adding to his 628. It is often forgotten that Collins also took 11 wickets for 63 runs in the match.

Above the Clifton and Marmandise sides that played on 22nd April 1962. 19 year old Colin McFadyeans debut for Clifton. He is standing third left. He scored 2 tries in this 18-12 win for Clifton.


Back Row (L-R): P.Rowe, G.Watson, D.Cook, P.Duggan, C.Tatham, R.Blake. Middle Row: R.Clifton, I.Lindsay, J.Budd, M.Wallington, V.Leadbetter, J.Munro, R.Bradford. Front Row: J.Parrot, R.Rossiter, G.Jones, M.Moss (Captain), I.French, D.Saunders. P.Murray.

Above the Clifton XV of 1962-63

Back Row (L-R): D.I.Saunders, N.L.Burt, V.Leadbetter, J.Allen, M.S.Evan, S.Awdry. Seated: A.Lewis, R.Jackson, G.Jones, M.Moss, R.Blake, R.Rossiter, J.Bater. On Ground: P.Rowe, P.Ball.

Above the Clifton XV that played Bristol in 1962 with ex England forward Vic Leadbetter.

The Clifton RFC Annual Ball caused quite a stir this year.

The Evening Post on December 18th 1962 reported allegations about an incident at the Clifton Rugby Club Annual Ball the night before. It was alleged that a firework was thrown at the group, "The Raindrops", while performing "The Locomotion".Their leader, Mr Leonard Beadle claimed "It was a disgusting exhibition of hooliganism". " We were told the dance would be noisy," said Mr. Beadle. "We did not mind this. Neither did we mind the bread rolls being thrown, but we do seriously object to china being thrown. "One of the group was hit on the shoulder by a plate, just below the neck. Fortunately he was only bruised. "Jackie Lee, our 24 year old girl singer was greatly distressed by our reception. She was hit in the face by a cream bun. The Raindrops, currently appearing at a Bristol club claim their act was due to last 30 minutes, but they abandoned it after only 10, when they allege, the firework was thrown.

Club spokesman Louis Eskell who was at the Victoria Rooms, said "The whole thing is a gross exaggeration. I don't know what Mr. Beadle is talking about." "Of course, bread rolls were thrown. They always are. Its traditional, as all Rugby followers know. But there was no crockery thrown. "And I certainly did not see the Raindrops' girl singer hit on the face with a cream puff. There were no cream puffs included in the supper menu."

Clifton skipper Mike Moss said "We all thought it was a great success. They were well received in the usual spirit of Rugby club dances."

The Evening Post reporter said: "From where I was sitting at the dance, I did not see anything hit, or go anywhere near the close harmony group. A couple of plates were sent curling-fashion across the dance floor, but did not rise above the floor or go within 30ft of the cabaret stage. It was certainly one of the quietest, good natured Rugby club dances I have attended. There were no cream puffs or pies available as missiles."

The Raindrops were an up and coming band at the time and at their foundation in 1958 featured Vince Hill. The group, who at one time appeared on TV's 'New Faces', obtained a two year regular feature on BBC Radio's 'Parade Of The Pops' on which they would sing the pop songs of the day. The other members of the group were Beadle, his wife Jackie (Lee) and future successful songwriter Johnny Worth (a.k.a Les Vandyke). Jackie Lee would also have a future career as a soloist and reached the chart on a couple of occasions- her best known work was 'White Horses' by 'Jacky'. In fact she recorded as 'Jacky', 'Jackie Lee' and 'Jackie Lee & The Raindrops' as well as just as a member of the 'Raindrops'.

Above The Raindrops.

Above the covers of Jackie Lees 2 most famous songs White Horses and Rupert. The World of Jackie Lee can now be experienced at

As a consequence Bristol University banned Clifton RFC from using the Victoria Rooms again. As far as I am aware that ban still exists.



Back Row (L-R): Barrie Griffiths, Eddie James, Martin Evans, Roger Bradford, John Budd, Cautley Tatham, Chris King, Tony Pembroke. Seated: David Saunders, Graham Jones, Richard Blake, Dickie Rossiter (Captain), Grant Watson, John Parrot. On Ground: Peter Ball, Ian Lindsay.

Above the Clifton XV of 1963-64


Back Row (L-R): Cautley Tatum, Malcolm Wallington, Peter Niven, Roger Bradford, Dick Fogden, John Budd. Seated: David Saunders, Mike Moss, Graham Jones (Captain), Dickie Rossiter, Mario Polledri. On Ground: Chris King, Jim Marshall, Bill Painter, David Horne.

Above the Clifton XV of 1964-65

1965 Stephen Brookhouse Richards selected for England (Hooker) while playing for Richmond. Born 28th August 1941 in West Kirby. He started his club rugby at Clifton before going to Oxford University in 1959.


INTERNATIONAL RECORD: English Caps 1965-67

Career Record: P9, W3, D1, L5, Tries 0, Cons 0, Pen 0, DropG 0

16th Jan 1965 v Wales (Cardiff) (FN) L 14-3

13th Feb 1965 v Ireland (Dublin) (FN) L 5-0

27th Feb 1965 v France (Twickenham) (FN) W 9-6

20th March 1965 v Scotland (Twickenham) (FN )D 3-3

7th Jan 1967 v Australia (Twickenham) L 11-23


11th Feb 1967 v Ireland (Lansdowne Road) (FN) W 8-3

25th Feb 1967 v France (Twickenham) (FN) L 12-16

18th March 1967 v Scotland (Twickenham) (FN) W 27-14

15th April 1967 v Wales (Cardiff) L 21-34 (FN)

For more details on Steve Richards click here


1966 - Colin William McFadyean chosen for England while playing for Moseley. Born 11th March 1943. He went to Bristol Grammar School and started his club rugby at Clifton while still at School in 1962. He scored 2 tries on his debut for Clifton against the French 1st Division Club Stade Marmande of Bordeaux 16-11 while on a tour of France. A tour more noted for the boisterous nature of the players. This started when the team coach arrived at the hotel in Bordeaux and found that the coach couldn't park outside because the road was too narrow and there were 2 cars standing in front of it. Everyone got off the coach and picked up the 2 cars and moved them bodily. Two of the party then decided to visit every pub in the area. They arrived later at a Civic reception, given by the Mayor of Bordeaux, in no fit condition, one passed out. The next day during the match the other player, with a huge hangover, asked the Clifton captain, Mike Moss, which direction he was playing. Later on at another evening reception, halfway through a speech felt unwell and had to retire to the public gardens in front of the Town Hall. On the return journey 2 players lost their trousers out of the coach window. McFadyean also suffered the same fate and the hotel was not impressed by two trouserless gentlemen who tried to knock up the night porter, having been shut out by the rest of the Club party.

Colin McFadyean was captain of the 1965 Loughborough Colleges side that lost the final of the Middlesex 7's to London Scottish 15-8

He captained England twice on 20th Jan 1968 v Wales and 10th Feb 1968 v Ireland. These 2 matches saw both England Centres being players who started with Clifton.


INTERNATIONAL RECORD: English Caps 1966-68

Career Record: P11, W2, D3, L6,Tries 4, Cons 0, Pen 0, DropG 1

12th Feb 1966 v Ireland (Twickenham) (FN) D 6-6

26th Feb 1966 v France (Colombes) (FN) L 0-13

19th March 1966 v Scotland (Murrayfield) (FN) L 6-3

7th Jan 1967 v Australia (Twickenham) L 11-23

11th Feb 1967 v Ireland (Dublin) (FN) W 8-3

25th Feb 1967 v France (Twickenham) (FN) L 12-16

18th March 1967 v Scotland (Twickenham) (FN) W 27-14

15th April 1967 v Wales (Cardiff) (FN) L 21-34

4th Nov 1967 v New Zealand (Twickenham) L 11-23

20th Jan 1968 v Wales (Twickenham) (FN) D 11-11

10th Feb 1968 v Ireland (Twickenham) (FN) D 9-9

For more details on Colin McFadyean click here


Above programme cover and teamsheet from the Gloucester v Clifton match played on 1st September 1966 at Kingsholm. Gloucester won 15-6 with Clifton reduced to 14 men for three-quarters of the match. This was Tony Pages debut for Clifton at Scrum-half.

Above photo from the Gloucester v Clifton match. The caption reads "Clifton's new scrum-half Tony Page slings out a long pass at Gloucester. His opposite number Gary Mace, has moved in for the tackle, with Gloucester back-row man Dick Smith (left) and David Owen forming a second line of defence".

Above programme cover and teamsheet from the Clifton v Bristol match played at Eastfield Road on 26th November 1966. Bristol won 17-0

Above programme cover and teamsheet from the Bristol v Clifton match played on 15th March 1967.

June 1967 the Club makes a 10 day tour to the USA. Only the second British Rugby side to do so. The Club were billed as the 12th oldest in the world and their tour was regarded by some as an international one. The party of 28 played against

v Old Blues Rugby Club

Sports Stadium, Clifton, New Jersey



v Westchester-Baltimore




v New York XV




v Brown University

Rhode Island



v Boston




Above left programme cover and squad from the 1967 USA Tour. Above right Westchester-Baltimore Pendant.

Back row (left to right) Roger Bradford, Tim Howard, Mario Polledri, John Raine, Malcolm Sayer (almost hidden), Fred Hyde, Grant Watson, Bob Osborn, Bill Bailey, Gwyn Jones, John Amor (former Bristol player,) Brian Williams. Front row (crouching) Peter Costello, Ian Lyndsay, Tony Page, Chris King, David Williamson (Bristol United player) but joined Clifton after the tour.

Above the Clifton squad return to Bristol Airport in June 1967. Malcolm Sayer in the above went on to play for Leicester Tigers and played against the Barbarians on 27th December 1967 which also featured Bob Lloyd on the Barbarian side. Tony Page is holding a banner retrieved from an anti-Vietnam War demonstration.

This tours most vivid memory was of David Chaffe in a leading New York night club. After a very poor cabaret act, David decided to do his own act and to the tuneful singing of "Hold him down you Zulu warriors" stripped down to the buff to the delight of the American ladies present.

Above a review of the tour was made in Rugby World in August 1967


Back Row (L-R): G.Patrikios, G.Steer, D.Steer, D.Rogers, T.Jacobs, M.Wyelth, J.Raine, M.Mason, P.Martin, F.Cannon. Sitting: J.Cannon, J.Bell, M.Polledri, Bill Bailey, G.Watson, M.Robinson, D.Horne.

Above Clifton XV of 1967-68

Above action from the Clifton v Cambourne match played at Eastfield Road on September 6th 1967. The caption read "Tony Page of Clifton, receives the ball from the line-out against Cambourne in the match at Eastfield Road last night."

Above programme cover and teamsheet from the Clifton v Cambourne match played at Eastfield Road on September 6th 1967.

1967/8 - Robert Hoskins Lloyd selected for England while playing for Harlequins. Born 3rd March 1943 in Plymouth but moved to Glasgow when 2 years old. He joined Clifton while at Cheltenham College. His parents were living in Bristol. His father player rugby for Weston-super-Mare and his brother, Steve, played rugby for Cambridge University, although not a Blue, and Cheltenham.


Career Record: P5 W1, D2, L2, Tries 2, Cons 0, Pen 0, DropG 0

4th Nov 1967 v New Zealand (Twickenham) L 23-11

20th Jan 1968 v Wales (Twickenham) (FN) D 11-11

10th Feb 1968 v Ireland (Twickenham)(FN) D 9-9

24th Feb 1968 v France (Stade Colombes, Paris) (FN) L 9-14

16th March 1968 v Scotland (Murrayfield) (FN) W 8-6


OTHER RECORD: Barbarians Appearances 1967

Career Record: P2, W1, D0, L1, Tries 1, Cons 0, Pen 0, DropG 0

16th December 1967 V New Zealand (Twickenham) L 6-11

27th December 1967 v Leicester (Leicester) W 15-6

For more details on Bob Lloyd click here


Back Row (L-R): Tim Howard, Ken Plummer, Mel Wyeth, Mario Polledri, Tony Jacob, Graham Steer, John Raine, Fred Cannon. Front Row: Mark Robinson, Mike Mason, David Rodgers, Paul Smith, Grant Watson (Captain), John Cannon, George Byas, Bill Baily, Peter Martin.

Above Clifton 1st XV of 1968-69. This photograph was taken prior to the Clifton v Penryn match played on March 29th 1969. Clifton won 8-0.