Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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International Trials

1874-5 North v South at the Oval Draw South 0 1 0 (W.E.Collins 1) North 0 0 0
  NORTH backs:- G.F.W.Congrave (Civil Service), W.E.Leach(Liverpool). threequarters:- G.F.Griffin (Ravenscourt Park). halfbacks:- J.R.Hay Gordon, A.Lyon (Liverpool). forwards:- F.H.Bucknill (Crewe), A.J.Bulteel, C.Pilkington, J.Genth, W.Greg, J.McLaren, E.E.Marriott, R.Walker (Manchester), W.Moss, T.A.R.Littledale, Hon.S.Parker, E.Kewley, C.W.Carver (Liverpool), H.W.T.Garnett (Bradford), W.H.Hutchinson (Hull).
  SOUTH backs:- Hon.H.A.Lawrence (Richmond), A.W.Pearson (Guy's Hospital), L.Stokes (Blackheath). threequarters:- W.H.Milton (Marlborough Nomads). halfbacks:- W.E.Collins (St.Georges Hospital), S.Morse (Marlborough Nomads), E.H.Nash (Richmond). forwards:- F.R.Adams, E.C.Cheston (Richmond), T.Batson, K.R.Fletcher, E.C.Fraser (Oxford University), F.Luscombe (Gipsies), W.H.Stafford (Royal Engineers), H.Wace (Cambridge University), J.A.Bush (Clifton).
1875-76 North v South at Manchester North (won) 0 1 0 (J.R.Hay Gordon) South 0 0 0
  NORTH backs:- H.Hutch (Huddersfield), W.Grave (Manchester). threequarters:- A.N.Hornby (Manchester), F.S.Tetley (Bradford). halfbacks:- C.W.H.Clarke, J.R.Hay Gordon (Liverpool). forwards:- R.Walker, J.Genth, A.J.Buteel, R.Todd, C.L.Verelst, E.Cliff (Liverpool), H.S.Brooke (Huddersfield), W.H.Hunt (Preston), H.W.T.Garnett (Bradford), E.T.Markendale (Manchester Rangers).
  SOUTH backs:- J.D.Miller (Clifton), E.J.Taylor (Clifton). threequarters:- W.Gray (Guy's Hospital), A.K.Butterworth (Marlborough Nomads). half-backs:- C.R.Gunner (Marlborough Nomads), W.E.Collins (St.Georges Hospital). forwards:- F.Luscombe , J.A.Body, J.Brewer (Gipsies), H.J.Graham, J.D.Graham (Wimbledon), E.B.Turner, G.R.Turner (St.Georges Hospital), R.H.Birkett (Clapham Rovers), M.M.Curtis (Clifton), H.R.Armstrong (Marlborough Nomads), W.R.B.Fletcher (Oxford University), F.J.Newton (Ravenscourt Park), W.Slade (West Kent), W.W.Pinching (Guy's Hospital).
  Note Butterworth was captain of Marlborough Nomads at the time and also played for Clifton from 1874
1877-78 North v South at Manchester South (won) 1 2 0 (G.F.Vernon 2, L.Stokes D.G.) North 0 0 0
NORTH backs:- D.H.Brownfield (Manchester), H.E.Kayll (Sunderland). three-quarters:- A.N.Hornby (Preston), H.Huth (Huddersfield). half-backs:- J.R.Hay Gordon (Liverpool), J.L.Bell (Durham). forwards:- E.Kewley (Liverpool), W.Greg, R.Todd, R.Walker (Manchester), W.H.Hunt (Preston), E.T.Markendale (Manchester Rangers), G.Schofield (Southport), H.W.T.Garnett (Bradford), J.C.Atkinson (Leeds).
SOUTH backs:- A.W.Pearson (Blackheath), W.J.Penny (United Hospitals). three-quarters:- L.Stokes (Blackheath), W.A.D.Evanson (Richmond). half-backs:- A.H.Jackson (Guy's Hospital), P.L.Price ( Coopers Hill). forwards:- F.R.Ormond F.R.Ormond (Richmond), A.Budd, G.W.Burton, M.W.Marshall (Blackheath), F.D.Fowler (Coopers Hill), J.M.Biggs (University College Hospital), H.Fowler (Oxford University), E.B.Turner (St. George's Hospital), G.F.Vernon (Ravenscourt Park).
1878-79 North v South at the Oval South (won) 2 1 0 (S.Neame 1, L.Stokes 1, F.R.Adams 1) North 1 0 0 (T.Blatherwick 1)
  NORTH backs:- H.E.Kayall (Durham), E.T.Smith (Manchester Rangers). there-quarters:- R.Hunt (Manchester), H.Huth (Huddersfield). half-backs:- H.C.Rowley (Manchester), J.J.Harding (Newcastle). forwards:- F.D.Fowler, R.Walker, T.Blatherwick (Manchester), G.Harrison (Hull), H.H.Springman, H.D.Bateson (Liverpool), B.B.Middleton (Birkenhead Park), C.W.L.Fernandes, E.W.Dykes (Leeds).
  SOUTH backs:- W.J.Penny (United Hospitals), T.Fry (Queen's House). three-quarters:- L.Stokes (Blackheath), W.A.D.Evanson (Richmond). half-backs:- H.H.Taylor (St. George's Hospital), L.T.Williams (Richmond). forwards:- A.Budd, G.W.Burton, G.F.Vernon (Blackheath), N.F.McLeod, W.H. McConnell (Coopers Hill), S.Neame (Old Cheltonians), E.T.Gurdon, F.R.Adams (Richmond), A.H.Evans (Oxford University).
1879-80 North v South at Halifax South (won) 3 2 0 (E.F.White 1, G.F.Vernon 1, L.Stokes 1) North 0 1 0 (J.Parry 1)
  NORTH backs:- A.N.Hornby (Preston), H.Huth (Huddersfield). three-quarters:- C.M.Sawyer (Broughton), R.Hunt (Manchester). half-backs:- J.B.Parry (Birkenhead Park), J.Dodd (Halifax). forwards:- H.C.Rowley (Manchester), B.B.Middleton (Birkenhead Park), J.Sawyer (Broughton), E.T.Markendale (Manchester Rangers), B.Kilner (Wakefield Trinity), G.Harrison (Hull), W.S.Butterworth (Rochdale Hornets), G.T.Thomson (Halifax), G.W.Bottomley (Huddersfield).
  SOUTH backs:- W.J.Penny (United Hospitals), S.Neame (Old Cheltonians). three-quarter:- L.Stokes (Blackheath). half-backs:- H.H.Taylor, A.H.Jackson (Blackheath). forwards:- G.W.Burton, G.F.Vernon A.Spurling (Blackheath), C.Phillips (Oxford University), S.Ellis (Queen's House), C.H.Coates (Cambridge University), E.T.Gurdon, C.Gurdon (Richmond), F.L.Patterson (Blackheath), E.F.White (St.George's Hospital).
1880-81 North v South at the Oval South (won) 2 1 0 (Stokes 1, G.W.Burton 1, A.Budd 1) North 0 0 0
  NORTH back:- A.N.Hornby (Manchester). three-quarters:- H.C.Rowley, R.Hunt (Manchester), C.M.Sawyer (Broughton). half-backs:- J.H.Payne (Broughton), W.R.Richardson (Manchester). forwards:- H.H.Andrew (Man chester Rangers), T.Blatherwick, J.T.Hunt (Manchester), C.Phillips, John Ravenscroft (Birkenhead Park), W.S.Butterworth (Rochdale Hornets), C.W.L.Fernandes (Leeds), W.Rycroft (Bowdon) , J.Sawyer (Broughton).
  SOUTH back:- T.Fry (Queen's House). three-quarters:- L.Stokes (Blackheath), M.Shearman (Richmond). half-backs:- A.H.Jackson, H.H.Taylor (Blackheath). forwards:- A.Budd, G.W.Burton, G.F.Vernon (Blackheath), H.Fowler (Walthanstow), C.Gurdon, E.T.Gurdon, J.I.Ward (Richmond), W.Hewitt (Queen's House), S.Neame (Old Cheltonians), C.P.Wilson (Cambridge University).
1886-87 North v South at Blackheath South (won) 1 1 0 (W.G.Clibborn 2) North 0 2 0 (R.E.Lockwood 1, J.A.Black 1
NORTH back:- S.Roberts (Swinton). threequarters:- R.E.Lockwood (Dewsbury), A.Durandu (Liverpool), J.A.Black (Birkenhead Park). halfbacks:- F.Bonsor (Bradford), J.Mills (Swinton). forwards:- G.Harrison (Hull), J.L.Hickson (Bradford), E.Wilkinson (Bradford), A.T.Kemble (Captain), H.H.Springman (Liverpool), F.E.Pease (Durham), R.L.Seddon, A.Teggin (Broughton Rangers), S.Williams (Salford)
SOUTH back:- H.B.Tristram (Devon). threequarters:- A.E.Stoddart (Blackheath), J.Le Fleming (Cambridge University), A.Fagan (Devon). halfbacks:- M.T.Scott (Cambrisge University), Alan Rotherham (Richmond). forwards:- G.L.Jeffrey, N.Spurling, C.J.B.Marriot (Blackheath), C.R.Cleveland (Oxford University), W.G.Clibborn, C.J.Arkle (Richmond), J.H.Dewhurst, F.G.Swanye (Cambridge University), H.C.Baker (Clifton and Glos).
1889-90 with R.D.Budworth at Whalley Range (details to follow)
1889-90 with R.D.Budworth at Richmond (details to follow)
1890-91 with R.D.Budworth at Leeds (details to follow)
1892-93 with E.Field and C.A.Hooper at Richmond (details to follow)
1893-94 North v South at Fallowfield 16th Dec 1893 North (won) 2 2 16 (E.W.Taylor 1, J.Toothill 1, J.Hall 1, S.Murfitt 1.) SOUTH 0 3 9 (W.E.Tucker 1, F.O.Poole 1, C.M.Wells 1)
NORTH back:- S.Houghton (Cheshire). threequarter:- F.Firth, R.E.Lockwood (Yorkshire), S.Murfitt (Durham), F.Saville (Cheshire). halfbacks:- R.Wood (Yorkshire), E.W.Taylor (Northumberland). forwards:- J.Toothill, T.Broadley, H.Speed (Yorkshire), G.Woodward, H.Case (Lancashire), James Davidson (Cumberland), G.W.Lee (Northumberland), J.Hall (Durham).
SOUTH back:- J.F.Byrne (Moselely). three-quarters:- C.A.Hooper (Middlesex Wanderers), C.F.Donkin (Devonshire), A.Latter, J.H.C.Fegen (Blackheath). halfbacks:- C.M.Wells (Harlequins), R.H.B.Cattell (Oxford University), F.C.Lohden, P.Maud (Blackheath), W.Rice (Coventry), A.E.Elliott (St.Thomas' Hospital), W.E.Tucker (Cambridge University), C.Hawking (Torquay Athletic), F.Soane (Bath).

Page from the Penny Illustrated Paper dated 23rd December 1893. Note stereotypical Northern and Southern Spectators.

1901-02 North v South at Fallowfield North (won) 4 0 20 (T.Simpson , W.Coby 1, H.F.Terry 1, N.S.A.Harrison 1) South 0 2 6 (F.G.Brooks 2)
NORTH back:- G.Tattersall (Yorkshire). three-quarters:- T.Simpson (Nortumberland), J.T.Taylor (Duham), H.F.Terry (Cheshire) N.S.A.Harrison (Durham). halfbacks:- P.D.Kendall (Cheshire), B.Oughtred (Durham). forwards:- H.Alexander, C.S.Edgar, R.H.M.Taylor (Cheshire), W.Cobby, J.J.Robinson (Yorkshie), A.Nicholson (Nothumberland), J.Jewit, J.Waller (Durham).
SOUTH back:- S.Horsley (Cambridge Universiy). threequarter:- F.Brooks, W.H.Goudge (Midland Counties), E.W.Baker (Clifton and Gloucestershire), G.S.J.Fuller-Eberle (Clifton, Oxford University and Gloucestershire). halfbacks:- E.J.Walton (Oxford University), C.B.Buck (Old Merchant Taylors). forwards:- H.W.Dudgeon (Richmond), D.D.Dobson, S.H.Osbourne (Oxford University), B.C.Hartley (Blackheath), G.Fraser (Richmond), C.Hall (Gloucestershire, A.O.Dowson (Midland Counties), L.R.Tosswill (St.Bartholomew's Hospial).
Jan 3rd 1903 Trial with George Fuller-Eberle
1907-08 North v South at Hartlepool South (won) 4 2 26 (D.Lambert 2, W.N.Lapage 2, H.M.Coombs 1, T.S.Kelly 1) North 0 1 3 (E.C.May 1)
NORTH back:- J.L.Kennard (Lancashire), threequarters:- J.E.Hutchinson (Northumberland), A.S.Pickering (Yorkshire), C.Adamson, H.Imrie (Durham). halfbacks:- E.C.May, F.Hutchinson (Yorkshire). forwards:- L.A.N.Slocock, J.Hunter (Lancashire), A.L.P.Griffith (Yorkshire), H.Havelock, F.Boylen, T.Hoggarth (Durham), J.A.S.Ritson (Northumberland), A.Taylor (Cheshire).
SOUTH back:- A.E.Wood (Gloucestershire). threequarters:- D.Lambert (Middlesex), J.G.G.Birkett (Surrey), W.N.Lapage (United Services), B.B.Bennetts (Cornwall). halfbacks:- H.J.H.Sibree, H.M.Coombs (Middlesex). forwards:- T.S.Kelly, G.D.Rberts (Devon), R.Dibble (Somerset), E.L.Chambers, F.J.V.Hopley (Kent), W.L.Oldham (Midlands), L.C.Blencowe (Oxford University), W.W.Hoskin (Clifton and Oxford University)
1919 (20th Dec) England v The South at Twickenham The South (won) (DG: Smallwood, T: Conway, Wood, Blakiston 2, Krige) 18-14 England (T: Davies, Lowry. G:Harrison, PG:Davies)
ENGLAND back:- W.H.Pemberton (Birkenhead Park). three-quarters:- C.N.Lowe (Blackheath), F.M.Arkle (Birkenhead Park), E.Myers (Bradford, W.M.Lowry (Birkenhead Park). half-backs: C.A.Kershaw (United Services), W.J.A.Davies (United Services). forwards:- Major.H.C.Harrison (United Services) (Captain), C.H.Pillman (Blackheath), L.P.B.Merriam (Blackheath), H.J.White (Headingley), A.T.Voyce (Gloucester), S.G.Holford (Gloucester),Captain W.W.Wakefield (Harlequins), V.H.Neser (Oxford University).

THE SOUTH back:- H.Millet (Guy's Hospital). threequarters:- G.F.Wood (Oxford University), J.A.Krige (Guy's Hospital), A.M.Smallwood (Cambridge University), S.W.Harris (Blackheath). halfbacks:- H.Coverdale (Blackheath), A.K.Horan (Blackheath). forwards:- F.W.Mellish (Blackheath), W.H.Wright (Plymouth), A.Hall (Gloucester), J.S.Golding (Devonport Services), E.Rodda (Cambourne), R.E.Sharp (Newton Abbott), G.S.Conway (Cambridge University), F.Blakiston (Northampton).

1920-22 with G.N.Loriston-Clarke (details to follow)
1922-23 with W.S.Gaisford (details to follow)
1954 2nd January at Twickenham, England v The Rest with Peter Dalton Young (details to follow)
1956 England v The Rest at Twickenham with Peter Dalton Young (details to follow)
1954 with Robert McEwen for Scotland (details to follow)
1968 (21st December) Whites v Blues at Falmouth with R.H.Lloyd
1969 (4th January) Probables v Possibles at Hartlepool with R.H.Lloyd
1969 (18th January) England v The Rest at Twickenham  
ENGLAND R.B.Hillier (Harlequins), K.J.Fielding (Loughborough College), J.S.Spencer (Cambridge University), R.H.Lloyd (Harlequins), R.E.Webb (Coventry), ?, T.C.Wintle (Northampton), R.R.Tennick (Percy Park), B.R.West (Northampton), J.R.H.Greenwood (Captain) (Waterloo), N.E.Horton (Moseley), P.J.Larter (Northampton), K.E.Fairbrother (Coventry), J.V.Pullin (Bristol), D.L.Powell), Northampton).
THE REST J.C.Graham (Headingley), G.R.Angell (St. Lukes College), C.S.Wardlow (Carlisle), D.J.Duckham (Coventry), K.C.Plummer (Bristol), ?, J.G.Webster (Moseley), D.M.Rollit (Bristol), D.P.Rogers (Captain) (Bedford), R.B.Taylor (Northampton), R.Morris (Moseley), A.M.Davies (Harlequins), B.W.Keen (Northern), R.F.S.Harris (Penryn), B.S.Jackson (Broughton Park)
1970 24th January with Colin McFadyean at Twickenham (details to follow)