Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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Above a 1928 photograph taken of a Clifton College rugby XV. This photo came from an auction in Gloucester.

Above large photo of team

Above back with name C.A.L.Richards on it.

The C.A.L.Richards that played for Clifton RFC also went to Clifton College. He captained the first Clifton RFC Vacation XV on January 2nd 1929. This match was heralded in a London newspaper with the headline "Clifton Novelty". Just one quote from that article: "This is a decided innovation as public school games are little known in the provinces and Clifton are showing the way." This first vacation game was played at Eastfield

The Oxford University Rugby Centenary book describes C.A.L.Richards as so

Above the teams that played in the 1932 Varsity match

Above the Oxford team for the 1932 Varsity match. Charles Richards is in the middle.

C.A.L.Richards is quoted in the Oxford University Centenary History book as saying about the Oxford full-back Owen-Smith "A wonderful asset we forwards had was the certain knowledge that our full-back, Tuppy Owen-Smith would cope with every crisis. I think that he was certainly the outstanding athlete of my Oxford days." Tuppy Owen-Smith went on to play 10 times for England, 3 times as captain. He was the only South African to have captained England.

The photograph was taken by a Geo. I. Eves. On web site which lists Bristol photographers it says about Geo Eves

Eves, George L.
1897 , Queen's Road
1910 Queen's Road, Clifton
1915 Victoria Studio, 88 Queen's Road, Clifton 1939 Last entry

I suspect that the actual photograph belonged to Charles Richards and that his name on the back was written by a member of staff at Clifton College for distribution. Just need to confirm where he is. The caps worn by the players are interesting but its hard to see what the emblem is. The shirt is a C with mirrored C which is the old Clifton College badge.

Above left close up of C.A.L.Richards from the 1932 Oxford team. Above right the captain of the 1929 Clifton College Rugby team which I suspect is C.A.L.Richards

Above action from the 1932 Varsity match. The caption read "The great Vivian Jenkins gets the ball away to his Oxford wing partner, S.L.Wade, despite having taken a tumble in the 1932 match".


Note all above information now confirmed as true.