Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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The Merchant Venturers

Names with Clifton Connections

Highlighted Clifton players or officials. Greyed are believe to be related

Ref 1 pages 568-572 Appendix D - Masters and Wardens since 1900

Master Wardens
1900 George Oswald Spafford Edgar A. V. Baker, Thomas R. Davey
1901 Edgar A. V. Baker Thomas R. Davey, Allan McArthur
1902 Thomas Ruding Davey Allan McArthur, George Henry Pope
1903 Allan McArthur George Henry Pope, J. G. Russell Harvey
1904 George Henry Pope J. G. Russell Harvey, Hamilton Wilfrid Killigrew Wait
1905 J. G. Russell Harvey H.L. Wilfrid K. Wait, Charles Adams
1906 H. Wilfrid K. Wait Charles Adams, George William Davey
1907 Charles Adams George William Davey, Colonel Frederick Cusac Ord
1908 George W. Davey Col. Frederick C. Ord, Arthur C. Powell
1909 Col. Frederick Cusac Ord Arthur Cecil Powell, Charles Cornelius Savile
1910 Arthur Cecil Powell Charles Cornelius Savile, Arthur Beadon Colthurst
1911 Charles Cornelius Savile Arthur Beadon Colthurst, Cecil Willoughby Beloe
1912 Arthur Beadon Colthurst Cecil Willoughby Beloe, Edmund Ambrose King
1913 Cecil Willoughby Beloe Edmund Ambrose King, Hampden Vincent Barnard
1914 Edmund Ambrose King Hampden Vincent Barnard, Robert Hilton Todd
1915 Hampden Vincent Barnard Robert Hilton Todd. James Herbert Budgett
1916 Robert Hilton Todd James Herbert Budgett, Charles Cyril Clarke
1917 James Herbert Budgett William Danger Fripp, Claude Basil Fry
1918 William Danger Fripp Claude Basil Fry, Charles Samuel Clarke
1919 Claude Basil Fry Charles Cyril Clarke, William Danger Fripp
1920 Charles Cyril Clarke Charles Samuel Clarke, Gerald Harry Beloe
1921 Charles Samuel Clarke Gerald Harry Beloe, Henley Somerville Evans
1922 Gerald Harry Beloe Henley Somerville Evans, Herbert Midelton Baker
1923 Henley Somerville Evans Herbert Midelton Baker, Victor Fuller Eberle
1924 Herbert Midelton Baker Victor Fuller Eberle, Lionel Goodenough Taylor
1925 Victor Fuller Eberle Lionel Goodenough Taylor, Hugh Lionel Evans Hosegood
1926 Lionel Goodenough Taylor Hugh Lionel Evans Hosegood, Arnold Evans
1927 Hugh Lionel Evans Hosegood Arnold Evans, George Palliser Martin
1928 Arnold Evans George Palliser Martin, Major Andrew Noble Pope 1
1929 Major Andrew Noble Pope Hiatt Cowles Baker, Ellison Fuller Eberle
1930 Hiatt Cowles Baker Ellison Fuller Eberle, Sir George Vernon Proctor Wills, Bart 2
1931 Ellison Fuller Eberle Alfred Esmond Robinson, John St. Clair Harvey
1932 Alfred Esmund Robinson John St. Clair Harvey, Lt.- Col. Percy Gotch Robinson
1933 Alfred Esmond Robinson Lt.- Col. Percy Gotch Robinson, Tracy Percival Rogers
1934 Lt.- Col. Percy Gotch Robinson Tracy Percival Rogers, Col. Dan Burgess
1935 Tracy Percival Rogers Col. Dan Burgess, Henry Sommerville Gunn
1936 Col. Dan Burgess, V.C., D.S.O Henry Sommerville Gunn, Major Roger Edmund Davey
1937 Henry Sommerville Gunn Major Roger Edmund Davey, Gilbert Sydney James
1938 Major Roger Edmund Davey Gilbert Sydney James, Ellison Fuller Eberle
1939 Ellison Fuller Eberle Frank Oliver Wills, Frederick Charles Burgess
1940 Ellison Fuller Eberle Frank Oliver Wills, Frederick Charles Burgess
1941 Ellison Fuller Eberle Frank Oliver Wills, Frederick Charles Burgess
1942 Frank Oliver Wills Frederick Charles Burgess 3 , Foster Gotch Robinson
1943 Foster Gotch Robinson Gilbert Sydney James, Major Egbert Cadbury
1944 Foster Gotch Robinson Gilbert Sydney James, Major Egbert Cadbury
1945 Gilbert Sydney James Major Egbert Cadbury, Roger Simon Woodchurch Clarke
1946 Roger Simon Woodchurch Clarke Major Egbert Cadbury, Robert Russell Stobart Harvey
1947 Major Egbert Cadbury Robert Russell Stobart Harvey, Douglas Ryan Middleton Baker
1948 Robert Russell Stobart Harvey Douglas Ryan Midelton Baker, Alan John Dennis McArthur
1949 Douglas R. M. Baker Alan John Dennis McArthur, Edmund Poole King
1950 A. J. Dennis McArthur Edmund Poole King, Sir Robert John Sinclair
1951 Edmund Poole King Sir Robert John Sinclair, Charles Loraine Hill
1952 Sir Robert John Sinclair Charles Loraine Hill, Christian Ernest Pitman
1953 Charles Loraine Hill Christian Ernest Pitman, John Herbert Micklethwaite Budgett
1954 Christian Ernest Pitman John Herbert Micklethwaite Budgett, John Esmond Cyril Clarke
1955 John Herbert Micklethwaite Budgett John Esmond Cyril Clarke, Alian Oliver Wills
1956 John Esmond Cyril Clarke Alian Oliver Wills, William Ralph Seymour Bathurst
1957 Alian Oliver Wills William Ralph Seymour Bathurst, John Kenric La Toche Mardon
1958 William Ralph Seymour Bathurst John Kenric La Toche Mardon, William Gerald Beloe
1959 John Kenric La Toche Mardon William Gerald Beloe, Hugh Charles Innes Rogers
1960 William Gerald Beloe Hugh Charles Innes Rogers, John Henshaw Britton
1961 Hugh Charles Innes Rogers John Henshaw Britton, Stephen Guy Burnet James
1962 Athelstan Paul Bush John Henshaw Britton, Stephen Guy Burnet James
1963 John Henshaw Britton Stephen Guy Burnet James, Richard Howard Brown
1964 Stephen Guy Burnet James Richard Howard Brown, Peter Gordon Cardew
1965 Richard Howard Brown Peter Gordon Cardew, Charles Nigel Clarke
1966 Peter Gordon Cardew Charles Nigel Clarke, Sir Reginald Verdon-Smith
1967 Charles Nigel Clarke Sir Reginald Verdon-Smith, John Charles Gathorne Hill
1968 Sir Reginald Verdon-Smith John Charles Gathorne Hill, Sir Kenneth Alfred Leader Brown
1969 John Charles Gathorne Hill Sir Kenneth Alfred Leader Brown, John Godfrey Midelton Baker
1970 Alderman Sir Kenneth Brown John Godfrey Midelton Baker, John Adams Gordon
1971 John Godfrey Midelton Baker John Adams Gordon, Mark Whitwill
1972 John Adams Gordon Mark Whitwill, Humphrey Ashley Densham
1973 Mark Whitwill Humphrey Ashley Densham, Richard Hill
1974 Humphrey Ashley Densham Richard Hill, John Leonard Eberle

1 George Palliser died in office. Andrew Noble Pope then became Senior Warden and Hiatt C. Baker was elected Junior Warden. 22nd Feb 1929.

2 He died in office and Alfred Esmond Robinson was elected in his place. 27th March 1931

3 He died in office. Foster Gotch Robinson then became Senior Warden and Gilbert Sydney James was chosen Junior Warden. 29th Oct 1943


Highlighted Clifton players or officials. Greyed are believe to be related

Ref 1 page 573 Appendix E - Treasurers since1900

1876-1901 George Henry Pope
1901-1914 Percy Liston King
1914-1918 Col. John Henry Woodward
1918-1932 William Welsford Ward
1932-1944 Gerald Harry Beloe
1944-1962 Commander Athelstan Paul Bush
1962-1969 Edmund Poole King
1969- John Esmond Cyril Clarke



Ref 1 The Merchant Venturuers of Bristol - Patrick McGrath, published by The Society of Merchant Venturersof the City of Bristol 1975