Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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v Cardiff 30th October 1881


played at Coldharbour Lane

Clifton 3 Goals, 4 Tries, 8 Touches - Cardiff 1Touch.

A match that expected to be close but Clifton routed Cardiff.

An account of the match appeared in The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post on the 3rd November 1881 and said


The above match was played at Redland on Saturday last. A close game was expected, consequently there was a large number of people on the ground. Clifton lost the toss, and Cardiff had choice of goals. The ball was kicked off soon after four p.m. by Greene, the Clifton captain, and before very long the visitors were forced to touch down. Gillmore (forward) and Ball (half-back) now played up hard. A fine run by H. L. Evans resulted in a try by E. D. Evans, but no goal was scored. Cardiff now "coaled up" and by the good play of Morton, Girling, and Smith the ball was kept in the centre of the ground for a short time, but by splendid piece of passing between Evans, Greene, and Hirst it was soon brought into dangerous proximity to the Cardiff goal. Nichols now made a fine run along the upper touch-line, and landed the ball safely behind the goal-line, but no goal was obtained. Just before half-time Ball, who had been playing very well all along, ran in, and a "maul" took place, but in the end Arthur suceeded in bringing the ball outside the goal-line, where a scrimmage occurred. Soon after half-time the Cardiff forwards, led by Smith, Simpson, and Trotter, carried the ball into Clifton's quarters, but by some good runs by Ball and Nichols and a fine drop by Millar it was soon returned, and Cardiff had to touch down again. Leonard was now noticed to be doing good work forward. Nichols got the ball again, and showed his pace well, and obtained another try by a very fine run; the place by Miller was a good one, and a goal was scored. The Cardiff men were now put on their metal, and owing to some fine play by Phillips, and a good run by Jones, the Clifton team were obliged to touch down. Soon after this Phillips got the ball again and tried to drop at goal, but was not sucessful. Some fine dribbling by Hirst was now seen, who was well backed by Greene, Gilmore, and other Clifton forwarrds. Ball made another strong run, and managed to get the ball over the goal-line. The try by Millar, though a good one, was unsucessful. Clifton were now penning Cardif, in spite of the hard play of Grimes, Smith, and Morton. H. L. Evans got the ball and ran in, and Miller placed a splendid goal, certainly one of the best ever kicked on the Clifton ground. Kinght made a good run and passed very well at the right moment. Just before time was called Nichols made another fine run in right behind the goal-posts and a goal was placed by E.D.Evans. Thus the Clifton team won by three goals, four tries, and eight touches to Cardiff's one touch. The teams were :- Clifton - J.D.Miller (back), E.D.Evans, J.Nichols (three-quarter-backs), H.L.Evans, E.W.Ball, R.L.Knight (half-backs), A.D.Greene (Captain), W.R.Booker, G.Dester, J.C.Gillmore, H.L.M.Hirst, E.Leonard, H.W.Peck, W.J.Pocock, W.Strachan (forwards). Cardiff - R.G.Barton (back), W.D.Philips, W.B.Morton (three-quarter backs), B.Arthur, W.George, H.Douglas (half-backs), B.Girling, E.D.Thomas, W.G.Jones, A.Evans, B.Smith, J.Simpson, A.Cullsbread, G.Grimes, R.Trotter (forwards).