Clifton Rugby Football Club History
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v Bristol 28th December 1889


played at the County Ground, Ashley Down.

Clifton 6 - Bristol 0. The second fixture between the sides. Bristol had 8 survivors from that first match, Clifton had 7.

Three-quarter backs
Lowther, Huxtable, Haskins, Prout
Cruickshank, Hill
Brown, Thompson, Lockey, Vosper
Luffman, Edbrooke, Williams
Three-quarter backs
Hill, Harvey, Charles Alexander Hooper, Thomas
F.B.Budgett, Hunt
Edward Payne Press,William H. Birch, Edward Leonard, Baker
Barnard, Rose, Wethered

An account of the match appeared in The Bristol Times & Mirror on 30th December 1889 and said

BRISTOL V CLIFTON - In fine, sharp, cold weather, and in the presence of a goodly number of spectators, these two prominant local clubs met at the County Ground, on Saturday afternoon, for the first time this season. Both clubs were well represented, more particularly Clifton, who ultimately won by two goals to nil. Bristol started, and following up well Cruikshank got possession out of a scrum, and after a useful run passed to Prout. The later being nailed, a tight scrum in the visitor's 25 ensued. Clifton worked out, and although Cruikshank returned, and Vosper put in an effective little dribble, Thomas ran into touch on the right, gaining considerable ground. After the line out Hooper headed away with the visiting forwards, transferring play into Bristol quarters. Hill ran across and passed to Thomas, carrying the game forward, and a little later the leather travelling from Harvey to Hill, the latter punted into touch close to the home goal. A free kick for hand-ball in the throw in might have proved a lot of service if properly taken advantage of, but a miserable kick did not mend matters much. Hooper received the globe from the scrum and got off, and was brought to earth in the Bristol 25. From the pack, Thomas got possession, but it went back into the scrum, and when it came out again Hooper got hold and dropped a beautiful goal. After the re-start, Cruikshank received the sphere and, passing in good time to Prout, the later handed to Hawkins, who unfortunately fell and held. Thomas showed up beautifully on the left, and after play in neutral ground, he handed the leather to Hooper, who got in after a brilliant run; but lost the ball before it was dead, and Prout, who had followed him close, saved. Bristol had to again save a few minutes later, and then for a little time more the contest raged in mid-field. Cruikshank again got hold from the scrum, and after a smart run passed to Prout, who was forced into touch close to the Clifton goal. The visitors, however, easily got away. Hooper broke away, and passed to Hill, who was passed; the the Old Clifton Collegian had another drop at goal, and periously near the ball went, Bristol being compelled to save. At half-time the visitors were credited with a goal and three minors to nil. Thompson well returned the kick-off, and after neutral play Clifton rushed the game, aided by some capital punting by Hooper. Bristol retaliated, but the ubiquitous Hooper got possession in midfield, and after a splendid run scored, Barnard, with an easy place kick, converting. Bristol then seemed to wake up a bit, but were fairly outmatched. The forwards could not hold their own, and the visiting backs had the advantage from the first. Webb brought Hooper down when the latter appeared certain to score, and for the first time his well-known kick came into operation. Clifton still had the best of it, and when "no-side" was called were left victorius by two goals (one dropped) and three minors to nil. The teams were :- Clifton: Back, Wilkinson; three-quarters, Hill, Harvey, Hooper, and Thomas; halves, Budgett and Hunt; forwards, Press, Birch, Leonard, Baker, Barnard, Rose, Wethered, and Peck, Bristol: Back, Webb; three-quarters, Lowther, Huxtable, Haskins, and Prout; halves, Cruikshank and Hill; forwards, Brown, Thompson, Lockey, Vosper, Luffman, Edbrooke, Williams, and Platnaur. Umpires, Messrs. Paul and W.A.Chandler; referee, Mr.H.G.Hirst.

The players were

Wilkinson ?
Dr. Hedley Hill Born Neath, Glamorgan abt 1861. In 1891 living at 28 Coronation Road, Bedminster. Physician/Surgeon qualified from Bristol Medical School in April 1886. He worked at Bristol General Hospital with ex England International and Clifton player William John Penny. Played rugby for Gloucestershire. In 1901 married to Marion and living at 1 Redcliff Hill. In 1926 Dr. Hedley Hill lived on Pembroke Road, Clifton.
E. Harvey Possibly Edward Field Harvey. Born 27th July 1872. Clifton College 1887-1889. Moved to Philadelphia, USA.
Charles Alexander Hooper Born 6th June 1869. Clifton College 1880-1888. Head boy 1886 and 1887. Went to to play for Gloucestershire, Cambridge University and England. For more click here
Thomas ?
F.B.Budgett Believed to be Frederick B. Budgett. Born abt 1865 Bristol. In 1881 attended the Wesleyan College, Trull, Somerset. Timber Merchant. In 1890 living at Rose Villa, 68 Cotham Road, Bristol. Played rugby for Gloucestershire. Clifton captain 1889-91.
F.W.Hunt Joined Clifton in 1889 but moved to Bristol in 1892.
Edward Payne Press Born 12th February 1870, Henbury, Gloucestershire. Clifton College 1881-1888. Played for Gloucestershire. Clifton captain 1892-93. Solicitor at 25 Baldwin St., Bristol. Married Muriel A. C. Hoare, daughter of Sir Samuel John Gurney Hoare, 1st Viscount Templewood, Foreign Secretary 1935, Home Secretary 1937-39, amongst many other positions. Lived at Gwyder Villa, 18 College Road, Clifton. Father John Latham Press. In 1901 living at 14 Westbury Park, Bristol. Committed suicide in 1914. Buried at Portbury, near Portishead. His son, Edward Press later became head of the Bank of Egypt - until the Bank was nationalised by Nasser 50 years ago. For more click here
William H. T. Birch Born 1869 in Cape of Good Hope , South Africa. Captained Clifton in 1891-92. Had 2 trials for England 1894-95. Captained Gloucestershire. Later moved to Bristol Rugby Club. During the 1881 census he was at a Private School in Ham Lane, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. He was a Clerk in a Solicitors office. In 1891 he was a lodger at 20 Clyde Road, Redland, Bristol. In 1901 he was a lodger at 64 Oakfield Road, Clifton, Bristol. For more click here
Edward Albert Leonard Born abt 1849. Played for 26 times for Gloucestershire, more than any other Clifton player. Clifton captain 1883-85. He died on 28th December 1940. For more click here
Maurice M. Baker Hiatt Cowles Baker's younger brother Maurice. Born 1867. Attended St. Dunstans College, London, Rugby and Oriel College, Oxford 18 October 1887. He graduated BA on 17 December 1891 and MA on 14 June 1894. Barrister. Died 22nd November 1936, Southbourne, Hampshire. For more click here
H. V. Barnard Hampton or Hampden V. Barnard. Born abt. 1868 Weston-Super-Mare. A Produce Broker. In 1891 living at 4 Beaufort Buildings, Clifton.
John William Rose Born 23rd August 1862. Clifton College 1874-1880. Balliol, Oxford. Played for Gloucestershire. Solicitor. Rose, Johnson & Hicks, 9 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, London. Married Edith E. Wansey on 4th October 1888 at St. Mary Magdalene's, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. Died 23rd June 1945 in Hospital in Hastings after an accident, aged 82.
William Wethered Born abt 1865 Bristol. In 1881 living at Heatherfield, Clifton Down, Clifton.
Peck Believed to be Francis Samuel Peck.


T. Webb
Harold J. Lowther Born abt 1862 in Bristol. Ex Westbury Park. In 1901 still alive and living at 15 Ashgrove Road, Clifton, Bristol.
G. Haskins
T. A. Prout Believed to be Thomas Prout. Born abt. 1867 Pachuce, Mexico. In 1891 living at Belgrave Villa, Bristol. Chief Clerk in W.G. & S.W. Telephone co.
Revd R. D. Cruikshank Believed to be the Rev. Robert D. Cruikshank Born abt. 1865 Cannanoie, India. Attended Queens College, Oxford. In 1891 living at 40 Seymour Road, Bristol with brother John W. Cruikshank. In 1901 living at 8 Mapperley Park Drive, Nottingham. Married to Annie from Nailsworth, Glos.
Frederick J. Hill Born abt 1861 Bristol. in 1891 living at 21 Somerset Street, Bedminster, Bristol.
S. W. Brown ex Carlton. The first Bristol player to be selected for Gloucestershire.
W. 'Tommy' Thompson Born 12th March 1868. Ex. Carlton. Captained Bristol from 1890/91 for 4 seasons. Went to South Africa for business reasons. Played for Transvaal. Returned to Bristol in 1896. Died 18th December 1899 of pneumonia. Funeral service at St. Nicholas Church. Buried at Arnos Vale Cemetry, Bristol.
P. V. Lockey ex Redland Park
William S. Vosper Born abt. 1868 Tewkesbury, Glos. In 1891 father was licensee at the Lord Nelson, Lower Ashley Road, St.Pauls, Bristol. By 1901 he had married Mary and ran a pub at 22 Bath Road, Knowle, Bristol.
Frederick T. Luffman Born 1867 in Suffolk but moved to the West Country as a small child and was living in Keynsham in 1889. Taught at Harvard. Went on to have 10 children.
T. Edbrooke
Raphael Platnaur Surname sometimes spelt Platnauer. Born abt. 1862 in St. Pauls, Bristol. In 1881 a solicitors articled clerk. Living at 45 Alma Road, Clifton. Father Michael J. Platnauer, A Wholesale Jeweller born In Prussia, listed as a naturalised British Subject. Mother Sophia.